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3 Apr

Roadside Serendipity

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I’m a firm believer in serendipity, fortuitous moments that make life sweeter. Some people call it luck, but I’m not so sure. I don’t really believe in luck. It seems to me luck is just something that happens to you. It may be good and it could be bad.
Serendipity, on the other hand, is always a good thing. It is unexpected good fortune. And since it’s unexpected, you can’t really go looking for it, but you can put yourself in the right position so it can find you. Serendipity is more about putting yourself in the right frame of mind than putting yourself in the right place. It’s about emotional geography much more than physical geography.
Carole and I were driving back home from Birmingham on U.S. 280 today and found ourselves near Sylacauga about lunch time (physical geography). Whenever we are on the road, we make it a point to avoid chain restaurants. We want to find local places with local people, and the more pick up trucks in the parking lot the better (emotional geography).
That’s when serendipity kissed us on the head. We stumbled upon Faye’s Bar-B-Que on the Old Birmingham Highway. It’s on the west side of town about 1.5 miles off 280. I have to say, it’s well worth the ride. For that matter, it would be worth the walk. And after eating there, a nice walk wouldn’t be a bad thing. A nice nap would be even better.
Here’s what I like about Faye’s:
Ambiance. That word is actually bigger than Faye’s. It’s one of the smallest, quaintest, hole-in-the-walliest places I have ever seen. And I mean all of that as the highest of compliments. It’s wonderful.
Faye. She is one friendly woman. She knew most everyone who came through the door. And if she didn’t know them when they came in, she sure knew them when they left. I have never felt so welcome and at home in my life.
Food. In addition to barbecue, this is a meat and two kind of place. There were eight meat and thirty-five vegetable selections to choose from. I had fried salmon, black-eyed peas, mashed potatoes, and peach cobbler. My mom and two grandmothers are the three best cooks I have ever known, but I’m proud to say I now consider Faye part of the family.
Restrooms. They are not exactly outdoor bathrooms, but they aren’t indoor bathrooms either. You have to go outdoors to get to the indoors.
Ultimately, serendipity is about being open to the sweet moments of life and sharing them with people you love. It’s about basking in those wonderful moments of grace (and peach cobbler) that are a great prize, and surprise, of life.
So, thank you Faye. And thank you serendipity. It’s been a good day. I just got up from my nap, and now I’m going for a walk.
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