Full of thoughtful insight and loving advice, Every Day Is an Audition is the book I wish someone had given me the day I left for college. It’s the book I’ll give my son the day he does.

Chad Gibbs, Author of God & Football and Love Thy Rival


No matter your age or stage in life, “Every Day Is an Audition” is a must read. This terrific book about life, love, faith and family is a lot like its author. Thoughtful and funny, “Every Day Is an Audition” is inspiring and empowering, entertaining and uplifting—all at the same time. In a world that badly needs it, this book will give all who read it encouragement for today and hope for tomorrow. Ric is a good friend, and this is a great book. I highly recommend it.

Jay Jacobs,  Director of Athletics, Auburn University


Every Day Is an Audition reads like a conversation with a wise and caring soul who has been there and struggled with many of life’s big issues. Young people navigating college and their young adult lives will appreciate the humor and candor with which Ric Smith approaches serious topics. Every Day Is an Audition offers a friendly, Christian perspective on very worldly challenges.

Kimberly Smoak,  Campus Director, South Carolina Teaching Fellows at USC


A poignant collection of short letters on life, love and self-discovery. This book will tug at your heart strings and challenge your thinking in a positive way.

Leslie Hallin Neslage,  Marketing Consultant, Chick-fil-A, Inc.


Practical perspective from a teacher and father. Ric’s advice should be required reading for every college student in America.

Stephen Neslage, Producer, “Wake up with Al”, The Weather Channel


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